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# Item Name # Item Name
2Grocery Items3Legumes
2Restaurant Orders3Vegetables
4Artichoke 24ct5Artichoke 30ct
6Artichoke 18ct7Artichoke Baby loose
8Arrugula Baby*organic*9Asparagus 1lb
10Bean Blue Lake Lbs11Bean French Lbs
12Beets Loose13Bell Pepper Green lbs
14Bell Pepper Red lbs15Bell Pepper Yellow lbs
16Bok Choy17Bok Choy Baby 30 lbs
18Broccoli 14ct19Broccoli Crowns
22Cabbage Green23Cabbage Red
24Cabbage Napa25Carrots Baby peeled#5
26Carrots Baby Peeled27Carrots Clip Top 50 lbs
28Carrot Jumbo25 lb Bag29Cauliflower 12ct./16ct.
30Celery 24ct.31Celery Root
32Corn White33Corn Yellow
34Cucumber 36ct.35Cucumber English
36Cucumber Big box.s lelect37Eggplant
38epasote*dzn39Garlic Peeled #5
40Garlic Super Colossal41Ginger Root
42Kale 24ct.43Kale Flowering
44Leeks 12’s45Lemon Grass Per Lbs
46Lettuce Butter 24’s47Lettuce Chopped
48Lettuce Belgium Endive49Lettuce cascade With Radicio
50Lettuce Green Leaf 24’s51Lettuce Red leaf 24’s
52Green Leaf Chopped53Lettuce Iceberg Baby
54Lettuce Iceberg55Lettuce Romiane24’s
56Squash Acorn57Romaine Heart (Jbo) 48ct.
58Lettuce Romaine Heart (12 x 3)59Romaine Crown
60Lettuce Spring Mix Organic61Mushroom Enoki 12 ct.
62Mushroom Large 10lbs.63Mushroom Medium 10lbs.
64Mushroom Oyster 5lbs.65Mushroom Shitaki California
66Fresh chef mix bskts67Fresh Morel
68Mushroom Portabella 5lbs69Mushroom Porcinni Dry 1 lb
70Mushroom Chanterelle lbs.71Onion Green 48 CT.
72Onion Red Medium 25lbs73JBO Red Onion lbs
74Onion Yellow 50 lbs75Onion White.premium
76Parsnips77Potatoes Baker #1
78Poly Turnips 25 lbs.79Potatoes Bale 5/10
80Potatoes bale 10/581Potatoes Red A#1
82Potatoes Red B83Potatoes Red C
84Potatoes Red (food Service)85Potatoes Yams Garnet
86potatoes Yams Jewels87Potatoes yams Japanese
88Potatoes Yams sweet89Potatoes 40ct.
90Potatoes yukon bakers*.91Potatoes 60ct
92Potatoes 70ct93potatoes 80ct.
94Potatoes 90ct.95Banana Fingerling Potatoes
96Radish Bunched97Radish Horse Per Lbs.
98Rappini99Root Dikon Per Lbs.
100Root Jicama 40 lbs.101Rutabagas Per Lbs.
102Shallots Peeled Lbs.103Shallots Whole 5lbs.
104Snap Pea105Snow Pea
106Spinach Baby107Spinach Cello 4bg
108Sprout Daikon Ea109Sprout Bean
110Sprout Alfalfa Basket111Specialty Salsify Root
112Squash Banana 1lb113Squash Butternut 1Box
114Squash Chayote box115Zucchini 25 Lbs
116Yellow Squash 25 Lbs117Cilantro 60ct.
118Cilantro 30ct.119Dill Ea
120Marjoram Ea121Mint Ea
122Parsley American123Parsley Italian
124Sage 1dz125Nopales lbs
126Tarragon 1dz.127Watercrest 1dz.
128Hoja Santa Per lb.129Banana Leaf Per Lb.
130Hoja Para Tamal 1Lb131Tamarindo Dry
132Dry Morell Mushroom 1lb133Cherries Fresh Being
134Cherries Rainer 18 Lb135Tomatoe Paste Case
136Maseca #5137Black Bean 50 Lbs
138Pinto Bean 50Lbs.139Rice 50Lbs.
140Ground Garlic141Lental Bean Per Lb
142tomato*basil tortillas143Anaheim 1Lb.
144Jalapeno 1Lb.145Pasilla Fresh Per Lb.
146Cerrano 1lb147Yellow Wax 1Lb.
148Dry Laurel Per Lb.149Ancho per Lb.
150Arbol Per Lb.151California Per Lb.
152Guajillo Per Lb.153Anaheim per box.
154New Mexico155guayaba per box
156Eggs White dz Jumbo157Tortilla Corn Pkt
158Tortilla Flour159Tofu Firm Ea
160Orchids (10 x 10)161golden wealth tortillas
162Lemon Juice Qt163Orange Juice Gal
164Strawberry Pints premiuml.165Tomatillo Lbs.
166Whole Alfalfa Sprout By Lb.167spinach*tortillas
168Apples Granny Smith 88ct.169Apples Granny Smith 100ct.
170Apples Fuji171Apples Red del 88ct.(Premium)
172Avocado 70 60 CT.*cal*
174Banana 40lbs.175Banana Plantain 40 lbs.
176Banana Baby 1box177Blackberries
178Blueberries179Coconut Ea
180Chirimoya Ea181Grapefruit27/32ct (Texas Fancy)
182Grapefruit 40ct. Choice183Grapes Green Seedless
184Grapes Red Seedless185Kiwi 1 Layer
186Lemon 115ct.(fancy)187mango manilla
188Limes 200ct.189Mango 9ct.
190Melon Cantaloupe 12ct.191Melon Honeydew
192Watermelon Seedless*pzs193Mameyes 1lb.
194Membrill 1lb.195Orange 72ct.
196Orange 40 CT.197Orange 113ct. (Cal.)
198Orange113ct (texas choice)199Papaya Mexican 1lb.
200Papaya mex*box201Peaches
202Peach White203Pear Asian per Lb.
204Pear Borsch Per Lb.205Pear D”anjou
206Pear Cactus Red & Green207Pineapples Jet Fresh
208Plums209Raspberries driscolls
210strawberrys 8/1lb Zatsuma
212Tangerine Florida213Tomatoes 4/5 mexico
214Tomatoes 5/5 2 layers.mex.215Tomatoes 5/6 calif.
216Tomatoes Hot House217Chi Tomatoes 12 Pints
218Tomatoes Roma.mex.219Sundries Tomato
220Nectarine221Baby Yellow Squash
222Baby Fennel223Baby Leeks
224Baby Turnips225Baby Pineapple
226Baby Pears227Baby Apple
228Habanero Fresh229Baby Mix Heads
230Brunia231raspberrys bskts
232Lollo Rosa233Red Oak
234Green Oak235Redina
236Red Romaine237Green Romaine
242Radicchio12ct.243Mache Epic Root
244Braising Mix245Hot Greens Asian Mix
246Soft Drink247 Coca Cola
248Scarole Lettuce249White Asparragus
250Zucchini Blossoms251Cranberries
252Gusberries253Lech Nuts
254Green Asian Papaya per Lb.255Cranberries Beans
256Yellow Wax Beans257Baby Zucchini Mixed
258Baby Summer Squash259Baby Green Summer Squash
260Baby Beets Colors261Baby Greens
262Baby Carrot With Round263Baby Beets Green
264Mizuna265Red Mustard
266Tatsoi267salad savoy Lacinato Kale
268Micro Mix 5 Way269Micro Varieties
270Heirloom Tomatoes271Tear Drop Tomatoes
272Red/Yw273Pea Shots.bskt*org.
274Fresh Edible Flowers275mint dzn fresh
276Confetti277Bachelor Buttons
278blue berrys bskts279Calendulas
280Chives Flowers281Dianthus
284Oregano Flowers285Sage Flowers
286Stocks287Mushrooms Sliced
288Thyme Lemon Flowers289Pansies
290Mushrooms Open291Thyme Ea
292Basil Per Lb.293Chives Fresh Ea
294Epasote Ea295Onion Colossal
296Green Leaf Crown297English Peas
298Green Barlet Pears299Rosemary Ea
300Red Chard301Oregano
302Queso Fresco Per Lb.303Whole Peeled Tomatoes
304Fresh Okra305Green Apple Per Lb.
306Fresh Corn Ea307Lata Pozole
308Golden Apples309Chard Green Swiss
310Mexican Peanuts lb.311Mexican Squash
312Almonds313Sage Ea
314Ground Cummings315Horchata 25 Lbs.
316Mole Dona Maria317Achiote Paste 1kl
318Garlic Braids319black berrys bskts
320Yucca Root321Black Mission Figs Organic
322Chocolate*box323Cinnamon 1Lb.
324Closter Tomatoes325Passion Fruit (Market Price)
326Star Fruit (Market Price)327Steam Berry’s
328Yukon Potatoes329White Potatoes
330Sesame Seeds331Rainbow Chard Organic
332Fennel Anise333Black Chanterelle
334Crimini Mushrooms335Mushroom Lobster
336Truffle Black Mushroom Frozen337Truffle White Mushroom Frozen
338Shiso 100ct.339Chippolini onion
340Chippolini Red Onion341Onion Pearl(3 Colors) 12/10 oz
342Sunchokes Per Lb.343Del Cabo Mixed Medley
344Del Cabo Sweet 100’s345Grape Ch Tomatoes
346Flans347Okinawan Yams 30lb.
348Sorrell Fresh349Mustard Greens
350Beets Gold Lb.351Coconut Fresh
352Apricots Dry lbs.353Apricots Regular
354Marbell Mixed Potatoes per Lb.355Potatoes Kennebeck
356Chestnuts Dry Pkt& Lbs.357Collar Green Bunch
358Yellow Closter Tomatoe359Cranberries Fresh
360Rhubard Fresh361